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Be a Sponsor:


for $1000 donation

Cultural Program (Concert) at the location of your choice.

(School, Civic Group, Church, Festival, private party etc.




Be a Presenter:


Secure location for Cultural Program (Concert)

Church, School Auditorium etc.

Use provided promo and publicity materials with instructions to promote event to the general public.

You are not responsible for the compinsation to the group but do your best with publicity.




Be a Contributor:


The biggest expences to host groups and travel oversea are:

Travel Expences: Offer your Airmiles or Travel gift certificate

Accomodation Expences: Offer unused timeshare or hotel certificate

Food Expences: Offer gift card or restaurant coupons.




Be a host:


Offer logging and food to the youth while they are in the area.

(usually 1-3 days. Usually 2 youth per host family. You are not responsible for driving)




Be a greeter:


Offer to meet the group at your town or at the one of the events.

Show your hospitality. Check local attractions,

museums and historical places in the area to invite the group,

share history and cultur of your home place.




Be Supporter:


Come to the Cultural Events scheduled in your area, support current group, spread a word and have fun!

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