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AdorUSA - Distributor Worldwide.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina USA

216-214-0828 AdorUSA@gmail.com

Company Ador established 2002 in Tolyatti, Russia. Our specialization is the development and production of electric door systems. Engineering and producing original openers for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. Distributing worldwide by AdorUSA.


Every day, thousands of our customers use Products under the ADOR brand in their 
work - this affects the comfort, quality of work and safety of passenger traffic. 

We feel a direct responsibility for this, therefore, in our developments we are 
painstakingly working on the quality and reliability of the manufactured parts, 
using world experience and advanced technologies. 
All our work is based on the principles quality.

The structure of the company includes engineering, 
manufacturing and service departments with more than 100 qualified specialists.

Company’s production includes a mechanical workshop, processing and assembly 
production,  injection molding plastics, heat treatment, vacuum forming,
tool section,  quality control laboratory and test site. 
The machine park is constantly increasing and updating, 
so most of the equipment is modern CNC machines.



Thanks to a strong and experienced engineering team with modern software 
and technological equipment,as well as an experimental laboratory, 
our company is able to quickly and efficiently create
a new product that fully meets the requirements of our customers.



Having in its potential unique experience in the development of electric drives
and the introduction of innovative technologies, the company seeks to develop
new markets.

Therefore, we invite new partners to long-term and productive cooperation
both in the promotion of finished products and in joint work in new projects
to create door systems for public transport.




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